Matching Business

  • CrowdWorks

    No.1 Crowdsourcing Service in Japan

    This service connects companies with individuals over the Internet, enabling orders to be placed and accepted for work. With 3.55 million freelancers and 600,000 companies registered as users, we are innovating the processes through which businesses operated and individuals earn a living.

  • クラウドテック

    Project Matching Service for Freelancers and Companies

    Agents provide high-accuracy matching, linking our freelance users, mainly engineers and designers, with companies looking for professionals. Using our database of 3.55 million users, we propose the best human resources to match company needs.

  • ビズアシ

    Specialized Project Matching Service for the Needs of Online work

    Matching home-based assistant skilled at office work with companies. Through our specialized testing, we select the top candidates from over 70,000 applicants, registering approximately 5,000 professionals as users. This service converts home-based potential workers into human resources for companies.

  • 3スタ

    Introducing 3-Days-a-Week Work to Freelancers

    This service is specialized for highly-skilled freelance creative professionals involved in online work, and it introduces remote projects requiring work 3 days per week. There are over 4,000 registered users. This provides a working style with greater freedom than the traditional 5 days a week of full-time employment.

  • サイタ

    Coach and Student Lesson Matching Services

    Our concept is, “Lessons that fit your needs.” This service currently provides over 300 types of lessons for individuals, with the time, place, and curriculum are set freely by users. Delivering new learning to a total of 80,000 users.

  • クラウドリンクス

    Specialized Side Job / Second Business Matching for High-Value Professionals

    High-value professionals who have never been a part of the job change market are joining our platform in increasing numbers, seeking out new working styles. This new personnel application method provides companies with the opportunity to access the top talent at other business for pin-point solutions to their problems.


Project Contract Business and Others

*Figures are current as of March 2020