Matching Business

  • CrowdWorks

    No.1 Crowdsourcing Service in Japan

    This service connects companies with individuals over the Internet, enabling orders to be placed and accepted for work. With 4.70 million freelancers and 760,000 companies registered as users, we are innovating the processes through which businesses operated and individuals earn a living.

  • Crowdtech

    Project Matching Service for Freelancers and Companies

    Agents provide high-accuracy matching, linking our freelance users, mainly engineers and designers, with companies looking for professionals. Using our database of 4.42 million users, we propose the best human resources to match company needs.

  • Tech Direct

    Direct job matching service for IT professionals (engineers, designers, marketers)

    Tech Direct is a matching platform that offers high-skilled IT personnel (engineers, designers, marketers) on the premise of working three times a week, outsourcing, and remote work. ※This is a service of the group company.

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  • ビズアシ

    Specialized Project Matching Service for the Needs of Online work

    Matching home-based assistant skilled at office work with companies. Through our specialized testing, we select the top candidates from over 73,000 applicants, registering approximately 6,000 professionals as users. This service converts home-based potential workers into human resources for companies.

  • CrowdLinks

    Specialized Side Job / Second Business Matching for High-Value Professionals

    High-value professionals who have never been a part of the job change market are joining our platform in increasing numbers, seeking out new working styles. This new personnel application method provides companies with the opportunity to access the top talent at other business for pin-point solutions to their problems.

  • LinksAgent

    Agent service for professional side hustles and dual jobs

    We propose selected professionals who have passed further screening from the business-side human resources of "CrowdLinks," one of the industry's largest side hustle/jobs matching services with more than 25,000 registered users. Our agents support the matching process, minimizing the risk of skill mismatches and post-matching problems and resolving business issues in the shortest possible time.

  • Minna No College

    Online community-based learning career place

    Exclusive online learning experience that encourages users to really work the way they want. Multiple skill-up programs (including writing, design, and video editing) are available. Each program focuses on community learning and shadow coaching.

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  • PARK

    Your skills EC creation service that can be created in 30 seconds.

    PARK aims to create a world where anyone can easily start selling their skills, whether by teaching, providing treatment, or offering consultation, and where the seller's story, including their passion and commitment, can be conveyed to the buyer.

  • memberpay

    MemberPay, a membership fee payment service with no initial cost

    A payment service that allows online sales of fixed monthly fees and one-time services with no initial or monthly fees. While the service is strong in membership fee settlement for online lessons and community management, it can also be used to sell one-off services such as trial services.


    RPA project referral service for freelancers

    This is a matching platform where professionals who wish to work freelance on the side in the RPA and low-code fields register as members. Approximately 900 RPA and low-code professionals have registered, and we have introduced more than 100 projects in total.


SaaS Business

  • CrowdLog

    Productivity improvement SaaS that visualizes how companies work

    A cloud-based man-hours and project management tool that collects employee man-hours and visualizes how companies work. 20% or more of the current number of companies that have introduced it are used by large companies with 300 or more employees. We support productivity improvement by visualizing employees' business processes.


*Figures are current as of September 2022