Bring a smile to people through work.

The meaning of work is rapidly changing; and no longer means simply earning an income. The revolution in the distribution of goods and services online has created new ways for people to make money, and that expansion of choice means that people want more than financial compensations for their efforts—they seek work which provides emotional reward as well. Indeed, receiving heartfelt thanks from someone can be a life-changing experience, and we are determined to make CrowdWorks a platform that brings a smile to people through work.


Workstyle Revolution. To become the world’s biggest platform that provides the largest amount of monetary rewards through the Internet.

We measure the success of our innovations from the monetary reward paid online through our services, and we believe we are going to be the world’s largest platform. Sales and profit figures are important in their own way, but they are only results of innovation—not an indicator. We will do whatever it takes to maximize opportunities for people to earn incomes online in all areas by blurring conventional boundaries between work and daily life, goods and services. Doing this, we aim to establish a new infrastructure for exchanging not only of work for money, but also for affinities and appreciation.


10x Goal Take big challenges.

Our goal is enormous, that is exactly why we take challenges. Our team and our members always keep taking big challenges; each one of them draw their own goals and keep running toward it. Take big challenges! All those challenges put together as one can change the world!

Be Agile Try fast, learn on the fly.

How we should go about doing things isn’t clear, there isn't a path set in stone. That’s why each of us needs to find ways forward that suit the current stretch. When there is an obstacle, we quickly test ways to get around it, and learn from the outcomes. Seeking new insights, and evolving swiftly, and making gradual progress are the only certain ways to go over the rough terrain and find the sure path.

One CrowdWorks. Be One team.

An individual can accomplish small things but greater challenges are hard to overcome alone. At CrowdWorks we take team spirit seriously, and encourage respect and cooperation among colleagues, as well as with those from other departments, and of course people outside the company, to bring out the best in each other.

Mission Vision Value