Article 1 – General Provisions

CrowdWorks, Inc. and its subsidiaries* (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) are aware of the protection of personal information being an important social mission and responsibility for companies, and have prescribed this protection policy as the basic matters that should be complied with for the appropriate management and operation of the personal information of customers held by the Company.
*“Subsidiaries” refer to group companies of CrowdWorks, Inc.

Article 2 – Definition of Personal Information

At the Company, “personal information” refers to the following information relating to the identification of an individual.

  • Information by which a specific individual can be identified, including address, name, telephone number, email address, credit card information, login ID, password, nickname, and IP address (includes that by which a specific individual can be identified through collation with other information.)
  • Information relating to the content of services used by the customer at the Company, the content of use, such as usage date and time, as well as usage history, on the internet website “CrowdWorks” operated and provided by the Company and other services of the Company (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Company Services”).

Article 3 – Acquisition and Collection of Personal Information

The Company may obtain personal information by the methods set forth below.

Acquisition and collection through the internet website, etc., of the Company

Company may acquire and collect the personal information that has been individually entered on the Company’s website, etc.

Acquisition and collection through means such as email, postal mail, written documentation, and telephone calls, etc.

The Company may acquire and collect the personal information provided to the Company by means such as email, postal mail, written documentation, and telephone calls, etc.

Collection of information at the time of accessing the Company, Etc.

Information on the usage history, etc., of the Company’s services may be collected. Such information includes the URL used, the type of browser and cell phone, IP address, and other information.

Article 4 – Objectives of the Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

At the Company, the Company may acquire and use personal information through appropriate and fair means, for the objectives set forth below. The Company shall not use the acquired personal information beyond the range required for the achievement of the objectives set forth below without the consent of the individual customer.

  1. For the provision of the services of the Company
  2. For the maintenance of an environment that enables the safe and stable use of the Company’s services
  3. For the operation and management of the Company’s services
  4. For guidance and responding to inquiries, etc., on the Company’s services
  5. For survey and data collection, improvements, and research and development relating to the services of the Company and others
  6. For the mailing and transmission of guidance on the products and services, etc., recommended by the Company
  7. For necessary communications between the Company and customers
  8. For the transmission, etc., of IR information of the Company
  9. For responding to acts of violation of the Company’s terms of use and policies, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use, Etc.”), for the Company’s services
  10. For notification on changes, etc., to Terms of Use, Etc., for the Company’s services
  11. For other objectives agreed between the Company and the customer
  12. For objectives incidental to those of 1 to 11 above

Article 5 – Joint Use of Personal Information

At the Company, personal information of the customer shall be jointly used with group companies for products and services handled by group companies (*), guidance on and the provision of surveys, the introduction of work, as well as the development of new products and the improvement of convenience. Customer information shall be managed at group companies at the responsibility of the personal information protection manager of the group company. In addition, information to be jointly used refers to that acquired by a method set forth below.

  1. Oral acquisition from the customer by telephone
  2. Acquisition from a telephone number database seller
  3. Acquisition from an online document request screen
  4. Acquisition from group company member registration and case history
  5. Acquisition from persons that have made a request to the Company for documentation
  6. Acquisition from persons that have responded to a survey
  7. Acquisition through introduction from customers, etc.

*Group companies refers to CrowdWorks, Inc., and its group companies.

Article 6 – Management of Personal Information

The Company shall take the necessary measures in order to prevent the loss, damage, leakage, and unauthorized use, etc., of personal information, as well as for the secure management of personal information, shall appoint a personal information handling manager, and shall securely manage personal information. In addition, the Company shall endeavor to keep personal information accurate and up to date, within the range of the objectives of use.

Article 7 – Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company, limited to where any of the following is applicable, may provide personal information to a third party within the range permitted by laws and ordinances.

  • If the customer has provided their consent.
  • If a request for disclosure is received from a government agency, etc., or contractor thereof.
  • If there is danger to life or property, necessitating emergency disclosure, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the applicable customer.
  • If all or a part of the business required for the operation of the Company is contracted to a third party, or if such business is transferred to a third party.
  • In other cases where permitted under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Act”) and other laws and ordinances.

Article 8 – Disclosure, Revision, and Suspension of Use of Personal Information

The Company, if requested by the company to disclose, make a revision, addition, or deletion of content, or to suspend the use of personal information, shall respond to this appropriately. However, this shall not apply if the Company does not bear the obligation to do so pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and ordinances.

Article 9 - Cookies

The Company may transmit cookies to the computer of the customer through the Company’s services. Cookies are a mechanism for storing the website usage history and input content, etc., as a file on the computer of the customer, and if the customer has permitted their transmission and receipt in browser settings, the Company may obtain the cookies saved to the customer’s computer, and link the collected action history and personal information. The Company shall use cookies with the objectives of improving the usability of services for customers, as well as the acquisition and analysis, etc., of statistical data.
In addition, advertising services of third party companies may be used at the Company for the optimal distribution of advertising. The cookies used in such services shall not include any individual by which an individual can be specified or identified, shall be used solely for the effective distribution of advertising and the analysis of access for advertising distribution, and shall not be used for any other objective. To confirm detailed information on the use of action history information at third party companies, and to opt out (invalidate) of cookies transmitted by third party companies, please visit the third party company page indicated below.


Google広告(Google Inc.)

Facebook広告(Facebook, Inc.)


LINE Ads Platform(LINE株式会社)


Taboola(Taboola, Inc.)プライバシーポリシー

Google Universal Analytics(Google Inc.)

instapage(Instapage Inc.)

User Heat(株式会社ユーザーローカル)


Marketo(Marketo, Inc.)



ferret One(株式会社ベーシック)

Clarity(Microsoft Corporation)

Article 10 – Handling of Complaints

Company shall respond in good faith to complaints relating to personal information.
Please contact the help desk stated below for opinions, questions, complaints, requests, and other inquiries concerning the handling of personal information.
CrowdWorks, Inc. Personal Information Representative
6F Yebisu Garden Place Tower
4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo150-6006

Article 11 – Ongoing Improvements

The Company shall continually make improvements to its handling, management, and management systems for the protection of personal information.

Article 12 - Amendments

This protection policy may be amended in full or in part at the discretion of the Company and without the consent of the customer, and if the customer has used the Company’s services after the amendment of this protection policy, said customer shall be deemed to have given their consent to the amendment. However, in the case of a significant revision being made to the content of this protection policy, notification shall be provided by the Company.
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Revised May 23, 2017
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