• President and CEO Koichiro Yoshida

    Graduated Tokyo Gakugei University. Worked for Pioneer, Reed Exhibitions Japan, then served as an executive officer of Drecom Co., Ltd. which was listed on Mothers (Tokyo Stock Exchange). Went independent and expanded business mainly in Asia. While constantly traveling between Japan and overseas on business, he thought about using the Internet for work regardless of one's location and time. In November 2011, founded CrowdWorks Inc. Launched a crowd sourcing service called "CrowdWorks" which has become Japan's largest crowd platform.

    Selected as "100 Next-Generation Ventures Saving Japan" by Nikkei Business. Authored books including "Crowd Sourcing Will Change Business" (Diamond Co.), "Let's Change the World's Way of Working" (Sogo Horei Shuppan), and "Make Money with Crowd Working! A New Way of Working Regardless of Time and Place (Nikkei Shimbun Publishing Co.)".

  • Director Koichi Ohrui

    Graduated Kwansei Gakuin University's Faculty of Economics. Joined NEC in 2002. In 2006, worked for Recruit Co., Ltd. (currently Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.) and managed the human resources and travel businesses. Gained experience as a manager in planning and advancing business and sales strategies.

    In April 2015, joined CrowdWorks Inc.
    In April 2017, installed as a corporate officer.
    In December 2020, installed as an director.

  • Director Shinichi Nomura

    While a student at Keio University's Faculty of Policy Management, developed and operated various web services such as a blog service. After graduating, worked at a mobile phone content provider where he managed the planning, development, and operation of many web services centering on e-learning for language studies and school entrance exams. Went on to become a freelance manager for developing a flash marketing site.

    In November 2011, established CrowdWorks Inc. and installed as a director.

  • Director Takatsugu Tsukii

    Graduated the University of Aizu Graduate School. Then joined Hitachi Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. (currently Hitachi, Ltd.) in 1999. In 2000, joined a mobile content provider and worked as a programmer and as an SE to setup and operate a variety of content. In 2014, became an executive officer of a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. While concurrently serving as a director at five subsidiaries, works on a wide range of business management tasks including company-wide and group-wide business strategies, organizational strategies, and business management.

    In February 2018, joined CrowdWorks Inc.
    In May 2019, appointed as a executive officer.
    In December 2020, installed as an director.

  • Director and CINO Shuzo Narita

    While a student at Keio University's Faculty of Economics, joined Astamuse Co., Ltd. Assisted with the business planning of "astamuse," an open innovation support service. Also started a joint project with a major recruiting company and worked in site direction, web marketing, etc. Later founded Atokore Co., Ltd. and became its president. Launched the "atokore" site that explains art works. Also developed iPhone apps. Joined CrowdWorks Inc. in 2012 and installed as an executive officer.

    In August 2014, appointed as a company director.
    In April 2015, appointed as Vice President.
    In October 2020, appointed as a Chief Innovation Officer.

  • Director Yuko Tanaka

    Graduated University of Tokyo's Faculty of Law. At Toyota Motor Corporation, introduced new cars to the market and created supply and demand plans and sales strategies. At Jupiter Shop Channel, gained experience in business management planning and business development. At strategic consulting firm A.T. Kearney, worked on wide-ranging consulting projects for major companies related to company-wide strategies, business strategies, new business development, restructuring, cost reduction, due diligence, etc. Since July 2011, manager of consumer goods and retail practices.

    In April 2014, joined CrowdWorks Inc. and installed as a corporate officer.
    In December 2019, installed as an director.

  • Outside Director Yuya Taketani

    Graduated Waseda University's Department of Industrial & Management Systems Engineering, School of Creative Science and Engineering. After working at GREE, Inc., joined Gunosy Inc. in 2013. Appointed as COO in August 2013 and Representative COO in August 2016. Led the short- and medium-term growth of existing businesses mainly. Appointed CEO in August 2018.

    In December 2018, appointed as an outside director of CrowdWorks Inc.

  • Outside Director Toru Kamiyama

    Graduated Keio University's Faculty of Business and Commerce. Worked in investment banking at Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. Assisted many Internet-sector IPOs. Established Kakeru Partners LLC in August 2017 and as the representative employee (current position), works on financing growing companies, M&A, and governance support.
    In November 2017, installed as director of HEROZ, Inc. (Auditing Committee Member) (current position).
    In June 2019, appointed as an outside director at Bplats, Inc. (current position).

    In December 2019, appointed as an outside director of CrowdWorks Inc.

  • Outside Director Masami Masuyama

    Received a Master's degree at Waseda University, then worked for Seiko Instruments Inc. Later joined the management of JEDAT Inc. and Net Marketing Co., Ltd. Headed the IPOs of the two companies while in charge of establishing and operating corporate governance. As a director of a listed company (director in charge of management, full-time auditor, etc.), been involved in corporate management for many years.

    In December 2019, appointed as an outside director of CrowdWorks Inc.

  • Standing Auditor Hiroshi Mukai

    Graduated Hiroshima University's School of Political Science and Economics. Joined Nippon Recruit Center Co., Ltd. (currently Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.) in 1975. First worked for a magazine for recruiting new graduates and mid-career workers, and later worked in marketing communications (MC) supporting sales promotions. While in MC, general manager of the car sensor business and improved profits. While expanding the business area, led the start-up of Zexy and helped establish its business base. In 2002, appointed as a director at Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (currently KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.). Worked as the department manager of the Walker Department and Advertising Business Department. Later appointed as president of Kadokawa Jcom Media Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

    In September 2013, appointed as full-time auditor of CrowdWorks Inc.

  • Part-time Auditor Junichi Ehara

    In 2006, joined Sunfinity Co., Ltd. As the manager of the Business Administration Division, helped the company to be listed.
    In 2008, joined Livesense Inc. Built the business workflow in the administration department and conducted external negotiations with audit firms and securities companies to prepare for the company's listing. In 2010, appointed as a full-time auditor of the company. Established an auditing system for listing shares on the stock market, and assisted with listing shares on Mothers (Tokyo Stock Exchange) in 2011 and the switchover to the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section in 2012.

    In September 2013, appointed as part-time auditor of CrowdWorks Inc.

  • Part-time Auditor Kotaro Ikeda

    In April 2001, joined Pola Cosmetics Honpo Co., Ltd. (currently POLA Inc.) .
    In March 2006, graduated Sophia University's Graduate School of Law.
    In December 2007, registered as a lawyer.
    In January 2008, joined Authense Law Offices.
    In June 2015, appointed as an outside director for The CFO Consulting Co., Ltd.

    In December 2015, appointed as a part-time auditor of CrowdWorks Inc.

  • Executive Officer Kiyoteru Okuno

    Received a Master's degree at Osaka Prefecture University, then joined Rakuten, Inc. in 2010 and worked as a golf course sales consultant. Founded Orries Co., Ltd. in 2011. Became a director of the company and oversees the advertising management business.

    In 2014, participated in CrowdWorks Co., Ltd. and was in charge of marketing. After that, he became the person in charge of launching Biz Assistant Online.Established Bizasst Co., Ltd. in 2018 and assumed a managing director.
    In January 2021, appointed as an executive officer.

  • Executive Officer Keita Nakayama

    Graduated Keio University, then joined Recruit Agent Co., Ltd. (currently Recruit Career Co., Ltd.) in 2007. Gained experience in service planning and sales planning while working in human resource service sales for mid-career workers and new graduates and in the business development of new services. In February 2015, joined CrowdWorks Inc. Managed crowd sourcing sales organization services for companies and developed new business lines. Later became "Crowd Tech" department manager offering agenting services for freelance engineers and creators. In October 2019, appointed as a executive officer.